Kids parties, hen parties, milestone birthdays...

These are great fun with lots of possibilities.

Please get in touch, letting me know party size, age group, dates...

Kids Parties

Generally my parties are for 60 /90 mins (allowing time for arrival excitement, cake etc).  I arrive at your destination (often your home) with a theme/ some suggested creations and then I work with my audience as to what they want to make.

A recent party was a “hedgehog” party – which resulted in 2 birds, 1 ladybird, a snail, a dog and a hedgehog…


Clay options:-

  1. BeeWild! - We make hollow clay creations – and fill them with wildflower seeds.  These are taken home on the day.  Once dry they can be smashed in an area in need of wildflower rewilding

  2. Fire & Glaze – I offer firing and glazing , typically returning the items within 3 weeks. All functional items (plates/ cups etc) will be dishwasher safe.  Given the additional work required, this is a more expensive option, but the creations are everlasting.

Teens/ adults

Older groups might prefer longer sessions, making more functional items .  Plates, cups, candle holders are popular.  Smaller groups might be interested in a mix of throwing/ hand building, or throwing only. (note : I  currently only have 1 wheel) 

Younger children

All ages can be accommodated, however items which are to be glazed need to be securely made.  Young children might need more assistance. 


Typically my kids parties are 6-10 children.  However I can adapt my party offering accommodate to whatever size group you need

Set up at your location/  home
•    Ideally a large table over a non carpeted area/ or in the garden on a nice day
•    Have a bucket of water and towel on hand for first-handwashing as clay is not good for sinks
•    I bring (and remove) everything else
•    Happy to discuss further


Pls contact me - letting me know party size, age group, dates and occasion.